Hey there! I’m Jeff (left), and that guy beside me is my way back college friend, Ben.

We’re here to help motivated entrepreneurs start and grow profitable blogging businesses.

Jeff Proctor and Ben Huber, Owners of Breaking The One Percent

Together, we run this site (BTOP) and our original personal finance blog, VTX Capital (rebranded to DollarSprout in 2017).

We started Breaking The One Percent to help other entrepreneurs build a sustainable blogging business that supports their dream lifestyle.

Our blogs have allowed us to quit our full-time jobs and finally take control of our time, finances, and our futures.

But believe me when I say getting to this point didn’t come easy…

Our first business idea was a total flop.

In 2015, I left my full-time job as an investment analyst to try my hand at entrepreneurship.

Ben was just finishing up his nursing degree, and I convinced him to come along for the ride (though he made the wiser choice to keep his full-time job and run our business on the side).

Together, we launched VTX Capital — an investment membership research site. Basically, the idea was that people would sign up to our site to receive access to our detailed investment reports and analyses.

Nine months later, our site only had one paying customer (thanks, dad).

Time had run out. I was broke.

In order to make ends meet, I got a job as an aide at an in-patient psychiatric unit at a local hospital.

I felt like a tremendous failure.

But we weren’t ready to give up yet. We just needed a different plan.

That’s when we discovered blogging.

It happened by accident, really. In a poor attempt at monetizing our site, we wrote an article, stuck in a few affiliate links, and hoped that somehow — by the grace of the internet gods — those links would save our business.

It didn’t exactly happen that way, but we did see a few dollars trickle in. And just like that, we had a new business model.

We did our research, beefed up that article, and used the power of Pinterest to drive as much traffic to it as possible.

The result?

Our little startup lived, and is still alive today, all because of that one article.

We didn’t even know what we were doing at the time was called “blogging,” but man, are we sure glad we discovered it when we did.

It hasn’t been easy, but it’s worth every minute.

Our business has come a long way since then, with many twists, turns, and bumps in the road.

It sounds super cliche to say “blogging changed our lives,” but… it kinda has.

We went from the classic underpaid and overworked lifestyle to running our own business, working on our own time, and managing our days how we see fit. If that means taking a midday walk or clocking out early to watch golf, then so be it. ⛳

That’s not to say it isn’t work. Trust me, it’s work. There have been many 80+ hour weeks, Saturday nights at home grinding out a new article, and figuring it out as we go.

But I wouldn’t trade a year of my new life for a day working for someone else.

Blogging is a real business. It takes time, patience, and and a whole lot of hustle to make it work.

If that doesn’t scare you away, then stick around and we’ll show you the strategies you need to start and grow your online business from the ground up.

Want to know more? Email us at [email protected] or check out our case study below:

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